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  1. Conferences
    KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022

    1 Jun 2022

    The Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship conference gathers adopters and technologists from leading open source and cloud native communities in Valencia, Spain from 16 – 20 May 2022.

  2. Meetups
    Infrastructure as Code with GitLab and Terraform

    1 Jun 2022

    We would like to welcome you to this first meetup of 2022. Since the COVID measures are behind us, we would like to organise an on-site meeting, also because we want to organise more sessions in the near future.

  3. Conferences
    HashiConf Europe 2022

    1 Jun 2022

    Get ready for two days of inspirational speakers, community connection, and a front-row seat to discussing infrastructure and security automation, modern application delivery, and the future of cloud with others who build and use HashiCorp tools every day.

  4. Conferences
    London Tech Week | 13-17 June | London

    1 Jun 2022

    Amazic B.V.

    The UK’s tech flagship event will return on 13-17 June bringing 20,000+ global government and corporate leaders, inspirational start-up founders, senior investors and tech rising stars together to discuss the power of technology for societies.

  5. Workshops
    Einführung in Container und Cloud Security mit Sysdig | 21 June | Online

    20 May 2022

    Schützen Sie Ihre Cloud-Produktivumgebung mit Sysdig. Beginnen Sie noch heute mit dem Verstehen und Sichern Ihrer Cloud- und Containerumgebung.

  6. Workshops
    On-demand: Unleashing the Power of GitLab Ultimate

    20 May 2022

    You most probably know the advantages of a Premium GitLab subscription, but are you aware of the features available in GitLab Ultimate? Companies of all sizes are taking advantage of them to release better and secure software, more often, crushing the competition and increasing customer satisfaction.

  7. Workshops
    On-demand: How to Adopt DevOps starting from scratch

    20 May 2022


    Many companies struggle in evolving their internal organization to adopt DevOps. This movement has already been adopted by many organization and have radically transformed their way of developing modern application. What the story does not tell, is how difficult it could be for a company to make all those internal transformations for a complete DevOps adoption. How to rationalize the tooling, how to drive change management, what about internal skills gap ?

  8. events
    On-demand: Implementing a Microservices Approach to Software Testing using Gitlab and Kubernetes

    20 May 2022

    Kinetic Skunk ITS

    Project testing doesn’t have to be a 10-tool-affair. You can avoid information silos, increase team visibility and implement faster, scalable DevOps testing with Microservices.

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