D2iQ Enterprise Kubernetes Platform (DKP)

The Leading Enterprise Kubernetes Platform for Running Kubernetes Workloads at Scale

DKP includes everything you need to ease Kubernetes adoption, expand Kubernetes use, and enable advanced workloads across any infrastructure, whether on-prem, on the cloud, in air-gapped environments, or at the edge.

Ease Kubernetes Adoption in any and all Environments

Accelerate time-to-value and lower costs with out-of-the-box Day 2 platform applications, integrated Kubecost for monitoring infrastructure spend in real-time, and Cluster API-based autoscaling for better resource optimization.

Expand Kubernetes With Less Effort and More Control

Deliver declarative lifecycle management, governance, and user access controls across any infrastructure or CNCF-conformant Kubernetes distribution from a single, centralized point of control.

Enable Advanced Workloads and Applications

Rapidly develop and deploy machine learning models, complex stateful applications, and fast data pipeline components at scale and with ease.

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