Containers on Any Infrastructure

Managing Kubernetes and Swarm clusters is resource-intensive, non-differentiated work that reduces your ability to focus on more mission-critical engineering. Mirantis removes the pain of container orchestration with Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, the enterprise-ready platform for deploying containers at scale, offering the fastest time to production for modern applications across any environment. Batteries included and swappable. Mirantis Kubernetes Engine is the only enterprise container platform that provides a simple, complete cloud native experience and a central point of collaboration across dev and ops to build, run, and scale cloud native applications.

Secure Containers Everywhere

Complete Platform for App Modernization

Empower developers to make decisions about when and where they deploy code. Decrease the time to value by having all the necessary dependencies working out of the box.

Instant-on Containers

Rapidly deploy, manage, and update production-ready Kubernetes and Swarm environments without requiring deep expertise, with the option to have Mirantis remotely manage complete operations of the full Kubernetes and Swarm stack.

Automated, Open and Extensible

Deploy a full stack of hardened open source technologies to enable cost savings with no vendor lock-in. Mirantis automates autoscaling, upgrades, configuration, and cluster management tasks so you can focus on what matters most.

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